family-history-photoDeep Creek Land and Livestock was established in 1935, by Theodore “Ted” Elliott, and today the family legacy of the ranch is carried on by Lee and Linda Elliott, and Ty, Briley, Cooper and Jorie Miller. Ted started with 70 head of cows, and then purchased the lease ground in 1945. He continued to purchase ground around the initial place after he had several successful wheat crops. His two sons, Teddy and Dwight worked the ranch as well. Dwight’s sons, Lee, Kent and Clay, grew up on the ranch helping with the day-to-day operations. Lee took an early interest in the cattle and soon purchased Maine-Anjou and Shorthorn cows to breed to produce both registered cattle and club calves.

After successfully raising show stock for several years, Lee incorporated more commercial cattle into the operation and moved away from the show stock. Lee married Linda Wocicki in 1977 and they had two daughters, Briley and Brynn. Briley became interested in cattle at an early age, and she and Brynn both showed steers and pigs growing up in 4-H and FFA. After attending college, Briley married Ty Miller of Douglas, WY. They have two children, Cooper and Jorie. In February 2013, Ty and Briley purchased part of the ranch moved back to the home place. The ranch was renamed Deep Creek Land & Livestock and an LLC., was formed to include Lee, Linda, Briley and Ty. It has expanded and diversified to include the recip program and the registered Hereford program and to rejuvenate the club calf program. Briley is the 4th generation to live on and work the ranch. Her children are 5th generation cattle producers.